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I used both primary and secondary sources to create this page. This bibliography is not comprehensive, but it is certainly a place to begin if you are interested in the history of communications or journalism in Wisconsin. Special thanks to the staff of the State Historical Society Library and Visual Materials Archive.

The tables used throughout this website represent selected, not comprehensive, information. I used the index to the Milwaukee Sentinel, which organized bylines from the newspaper alphabetically by subject and municipality and then chronologically.

Milwaukee Sentinel. Index. 1837-1879. Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee Public Library, 1965.

Raney, William Francis. Wisconsin: A Story of Progress. New York: Prentice Hall, 1940.

Standage, Tom. The Victorian Internet. New York: Walker and Company, 1998. This excellent book provided the Morse and ticker images on the Hardware page.

Western Union Telegraph Co. The Telegraph : Its History and Present Development. Western Union Telegraph Co., [1915] This primary resource of uncertain date provided the receiver image on the Hardware page.

The Wisconsin Magazine of History is well-indexed. Any search for Wisconsin history should include this publication.

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